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Priyanka chopra’s Baywatch movie box office prediction

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After a much buzz in the media, we have the film Baywatch hitting the screen featuring one of our B Town actress Priyanka Chopra in it. It is the R-rated big screen reboot of the classic television series, which were once upon a time a popular TV show. Though there’s already talk of the movie receiving a sequel, it doesn’t appear that’s via audience demand. Ironically the reviews for Baywatch have been widely negative, which will certainly hurt the project’s commercial prospects. At least from a quality perspective, this does not seem to stand up to the next 21 Jump Street, a film that handled its own source material with a similar approach to hilarious results.

One positive Baywatch has, however, is the presence of leading man Dwayne Johnson. The former wrestler has transformed into a huge box office draw the last few years, starring in everything from the most recent Fast and Furious films to his own original vehicles like San Andreas giving $155.1 million at the box office and Central Intelligence tolling to $127.4 million. It’s clear he has a large fan base that will come to the theater to see him in a new action flick.

Zac Efron, while not the same kind of reliable lock, still has Neighbors ($150.1 million) under his belt, showing he has the comedic chops to lead a movie such as this. The star power could keep Baywatch afloat, with the projections set at $32.5 million, which can be called as the apt collection for the film. However, the other release Pirates of Caribbean is likely to win the battle against Baywatch for sure as many critics and reviewers have given positive buzz to the film.

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