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Priyanka Chopra rejects Rs 20 crore offer ?

Jeetu Likhar



priyanka chopra turns down 20 crore offer

Yes, you heard it right, its 20 crore or 200 million, which was denied by none other than the Mary Kom actor Priyanka Chopra. Apart from carving niche in Bollywood, she has equally done settled down herself over the west as well. The Mary Kom actress has given three singles in a row including IN My City, I Can’t Make You Love Me and Exotic. And all of these ventures were able to garner a good response. Right from acting to singing, she has done a number of projects, which has given her both name, fame and money. An equal number of event management companies have been after her to capitalise her songs over live concert.

However, she fails to manage them the right way just owing to her tight schedule. The fact is she was approached by a reputed company in the west for a global level live concert along with a number of other global artists who was being offered this huge amount of 20 crores. But the Mary Kom actress simply rejected the venture just because; she was too tied up with her next upcoming movie Bajirao Mastani from Sanjay Leela Bhansali. It’s no surprise to see her doing considering her good relations with Mr. Bhansali and his family.

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