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Priyanka Chopra Gets Trolled Off The Roof For Smoking On Yacht in Miami

Priyanka Chopra has been celebrating and vacationing a lot after her marriage. She has been spotted a number of times celebrating her joy with her new Jonas family after tying the wedding knot.

It hasn’t been long as she was trolled immensely for her granny pants pink bikini on her vacation tours in Miami; this time once again the Miss World is getting massively trolled for another act caught on camera. The Twitterati folks have been trolling PC a lot for smoking caught on camera. Priyanka was captured smoking on a yacht along with her other family members basking in the some.

Commenting on her act of smoke, a few said, ‘She is taking medicine to avoid Asthma. But recently she was found smoking a cigarette on a yacht in Miami. The Trolls ask asthma sirf Diwali mein hota hai kya?”

While another comment remarked, “I think she is smoking pollution free cigarettes….”

Many also recalled the famous teacher student joke, quoting, “Teachers: We should not smoke, drink. Those are bad habits. Backbenchers smoke.”

Some even didn’t stop at mocking her by writing, “The asthma Priyanka Chopra developed on Diwali has been cured and she is absolutely fine.”

Another pick up line added, “Now she is smoking cigarette to get asthma back so that she could again ask people to not burn crackers in Diwali’s pollution free advertisement.”

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