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Priyanka the among the world’s top paid TV actress in 2016 declares Forbes

A Big news there for the Bajirao Mastani actress – Priyanka Chopra. Our desi girl has been declared by the popular magazine, Forbes as the world’s 8th highest paid TV actress of 2016. The gorgeous actress who is the part of the ABC TV thriller known as Quantico playing the FBI agent known as Alex Parrish has completed two successful seasons and now entering into the third season. As per the reports of the magazine, Forbes, Priyanka Chopra has earned $10 million in between 1st June 2016 and June 1, 2017.

The magazine was seen giving the in-depth analysis about the money the actress has made while doing the said TV show along with the endorsements which comprises 50 per cent of her total income. The magazine ranked her on the 8th position in the world, which also has the Colombian actress Sofia Vergara seen in the show called Modern Family. Sofia in on the 1st rank and has been at this position since past six years. Last year, she was seen making $41.5 million last year. The other actresses on the list include House of Cards. PC has been included in the list for the second consecutive year in the top 10 list of Forbes.

Now, we see Priyanka Chopra gearing up for Quantico’s 3rd season which is to start soon while the second season fo the show is coming to an end which came into a multiple concept timelines format. Now, we get to see the show focusing on a single, linear timeline, which deals with the current political scenario of the world. Though this is yet to be announced officially yet one can see it in an all together new format coming along with multiple timelines narrative when it finally hits the screen. Besides, PC has been in the Hollywood film Baywatch with her negative character and soon will be seen sharing space with Octavia Spencer in another Hollywood venture.

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