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Princess Dyana Shiffaire : The Legacy Continues

Pageants have been a part of Princess Dyana Shiffaire for over a decade, From Dazzling her first ramp walk as a show stopper at the age of 10 to bedazzling as an opening show stopper for numerous Fashion Weeks. Being on the Jury panel at the age of 16 is on going.

Pageant titles are considered important as this will be a person’s identity throughout their life and are considered as a Birth of a Star, a celebrity in the making. Giving them recognition and achievement.

Princess Dyana Shiffaire though being born with a Title, the living decedent of the Frankish Merovingian Dynasty earned her Title of “ People’s Princess “ for her good heart, Compassionate nature, and kind gestures.

The question arises as to why it has been that Princess Dyana Shiffaire was and is still always the First choice for the jury at the Pageant. Even though she was Born with a Title by default the competitors have to work hard & train to win the pageant title. The answer to it is her upbringing as from a young age etiquette, perfection, finesse, knowledge & polishing are built in her with time from the way her personality radiates to the way she carries herself. No doubt Princess Dyana has always been seen carrying her enigmatic persona implementing in her day-to-day life.

The jury panel has always been a hot seat with discussion, drama, and decisions coming to a conclusion that can make and break a competitor’s Career in the said field. Providing justification to their decision for those who win and for those who can’t is indeed a big responsibility.

Also Spotted was Jason Dylan Bretfelean Mr.India Global 2023 winner to which Princess Dyana Shiffaire was Guest of Honour, The Dynamic Duo attended together as The Jury of Mega Model Hunt & Mr.Hyderabad Fitness Model 2023 organized by The City Hi Life Magazine with other experts in the said Feild. Trending Pictures Together on social media has triggered the brands and media wanting to see more of Princess who is one of the most eligible Bachelorettes in the World ready to get Hitched.

Sources say Princess Dyana Shiffaire is stepping back into the world of Fashion and glamour again due to the demands of Established brands & designers still see her as the Epitome of Elegance.
After taking a sabbatical for 5 years for reasons which are still unknown and have rejected numerous movies, songs, ramp walks & adverts offers we still are left with the question of WHAT ? or must say WHO ? is encouraging, inspiring & motivating our People’s Princess as she re-enters to show HOW it’s actually Done !!

We at Cine Talkers shower our best wishes and are truly excited to see Princess Dyana Shiffaire as she continues Her Legacy

CT Team


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