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Preity Zinta denies any statement of leaving to US and selling her stake at IPL

ness wadia

The Preity Zinta and Ness Wadia case seems to be taking different twists and turns. The rumor mill seems to be rolling and giving several rumors in the form of News. Just one day before when the Preity was seen selling out her IPL Stake and shifting to US the very next day, she has something other to say. She has plainly denied about uttering such words of coward and calls it merely a rumor, which came out somehow by someone speaking these words among themselves. Though she is marred emotionally though this ongoing controversy, however, she has always been brave to face this issue alone. On Twitter, she was seen thanking her fans and well wishers who have come out in her support by saying A Big Thank U 2 All the People 4the Support.

When asked about her decision to leave the country selling her IPL stake, she plainly denied the speculation and expressed her amazement and shock. At the same time she asked all her fans not to include in any kind of hearsay and later requested the media to avoid such kind of drastic speculations about her private affairs. The molestation case against her former lover seems to be in the legal camps, while too much of speculation seems to make the controversy darker and bitter. Let’s see what would be the final verdict on this case rather relying over the speculations. 

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