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Preity Zinta Cheers for Modi at Madison Square on Sunday

Preity Zinta may not be active in films any longer but she makes sure we won’t forget her easily. The actress was present at the Madison square on Sunday when all the Indians in America were present to listen to Modi, the PM of India. Before the event, Pretty took to twitter to greet everyone and stated that she is elated to be a witness to this proud event when the PM addressed thousands of Indians at the venue.

The actress who was recently in news for her legally complaining against her ex boyfriend Ness Wadia for abusing her , was spending time with friends in the US for quite some time now. She took the opportunity to join the event and listen to Modi. Even before Modi’s election as the Prime Minister , Preity had come out openly in support of the leader . She had openly said that she supported Modi to become the prime minister of India. On Sunday, this Modi fan was more than happy to be among the thousands of patriotic Indians in America who gathered to cheer Modi on the occasion. The actress was clad in a blue dress and looked excited for Modi’s speech. Later she once again expressed through twitter that it was an amazing atmosphere at the venue.

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