Preeti Soni who will be next as seen as a lead actress in Rohit Roy Starrer Web-series Titled Stamp Paper!to Raise Funds for Animals Affected by COVID-19 Lockdown

Preeti Soni

Preeti Soni has recently won the title of the UAE top model hunt 2020 in February that was held in Dubai and she flew back to India just in the nick of time. She is now working on a plan to raise funds for the animals affected due to the lockdown through an online portal. We are all in it together and we have to think like one big family and that is exactly what Preeti is doing. We can see Preeti feeding animal lot of time near her building and she stops her car if she see any cruelty agains animal and takes them to the vet. She also has a pet called Angel which is a femal labrador and preeti loves her like a baby. …..She has also ..,adopted a female Labrador.. and she takes care her like a …baby…..,check it’s coming two times

Preeti Soni

We spoke to Preeti and here is what she has to say, ” I have a lot of love for all living beings. The animals have suffered as much but currently due to the situation we aren’t thinking about the animals much. So I thought of working on this online fundraiser. We would be putting out more details. It would have every information in it . I hope to save as many animals through it. Every life is precious. I urge everyone to follow the law and the protocols till we don’t get out of this. “

Preeti Soni has a heart of gold and she has helped the people and animals time and again. She will be starring in a webseries soon alongside Rohit Roy and we can’t wait to see her .Preeti has been finalise for BIGO app and she will be hosting for BIGO soon

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