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Pratik Sehejpal is dating Akasa? Read to know more

Recently in an interview with Pinkvilla, Bigg Boss finalist Pratik Sehejpal talks about his upcoming music track Saamna along with Akasa. In this interview, the former said, “There were so many things taking place simultaneously, but like they say patience always bears fruit. It was really amazing, and I had a great time shooting with all of them for Saamna.”

Pratik also responds on his dating rumours with Akasa. “We have never dated and have both been completely honest about it. We are good friends and have maintained that friendship even after the show. Therefore, we have always denied such rumours and that’s what the truth is. We have always supported each other and will continue to do so,”

“I didn’t know to what extent we will be in touch post the Bigg Boss stint as I had spent a lot of time inside the house without Akasa being around. When we met outside, I wasn’t sure how the equation would be. But we were exactly like how we were inside the house and that’s what real friendship is all about,” Pratik states.

Meanwhile, he also talked about how his life has changed for him after doing the reality show? “I think after stepping out of the Bigg Boss house my life has changed in so many ways. I am so grateful and thankful to Bigg Boss, God, my family and close friends who have really supported me throughout. My life has completely changed as people have supported me while I was in there and supported me after I came out. As much as it’s a blessing, also sometimes you feel that there are so many things that took place for which you need to really be stable and focussed mentally. Thankfully, God has always been there with me,” says Pratik.

He further adds, “I am genuinely very thankful and grateful to the entire Pratik fam who literally gave me so much love, and audiences of Bigg Boss and even to those who do not watch the show but know me now. I am genuinely grateful and now I am working even hard. I have not let that success get to my head. I am in fact doing much more than what I used to. Now there are even more sleepless nights, more days without food and sleep and I think that’s okay as that’s what I love, and I am totally enjoying every moment of my life right now.”

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