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Prateik Babbar reveals about Sushant Singh Rajput’s one wish which remained unfulfilled

Last year we lost a gem of a person, Sushant Singh Rajput. It’s been almost a year now. His co-star from chhichhore, Prateik Babbar, in an interview with E Times revealed some things about the late actor.

He revealed Sushant wanted to visit Antarctica after shooting the film. Prateik also confessed that he was fortunate to work with Sushant, even if it was for just one film. “It became such a success. It’s a special film for all of us in the team. Sushant and I were acquaintances who would bump into each other at events. I’d even seen him at the gym a couple of times,” said the actor.

Prateik revealed that he had noticed an aura about Sushant, which was not like anyone else’s in the industry. He was unique and he stood out. “My experience of working with him was very short, restricted largely to the time we spent shooting or rehearsing our scenes together. That was the only time we bonded and got talking,”

He also said Sushant was extremely warm, fun-loving, and an easy-to-talk-to kind of person. “But he would also drift away sometimes into his own world. Sushant loved talking about quantum physics, planets, stars, and sciences. I still remember he wanted to visit Antarctica after shooting the film. I was blown away with that; who would think of doing that really? He did! He was curious about life and exploring it through all its avenues. He was one of a kind, who saw things differently and had priorities that were different from the herd. He was a gem of a guy,” added Prateik Babbar.


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