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Pranav Rastogi and Jagrit Pratap Singh taking internet content to next level




The last five years have been huge for the content industry. Be it your large-scale productions such as Netflix originals and Amazon Prime shows, or be it independent, small-scale YouTubers or even those who find fame on TikTok. The content markets have opened up and it is no longer a monopoly for those who have resources. Pranav Rastogi, the co-founder of Pollination media, has followed this development in content creation very closely.

Over the years there have been a number of changes that have come into the world of content. Social media has suddenly become all about videos. Facebook has been giving an active push to videos and so has Twitter. Almost every platform now allows you to go live and broadcast things in real-time. However – in a world where content is everywhere, how do you ensure that what you are putting out is a cut above the rest?

Pranav, 25, who owns the digital entertainment and news platform Hiptoro which has been causing quite a buzz in internet-based news reporting! He is also responsible for a media outlet specifically created for the biker community, called ‘Life Of A Rider’. It provides updates on the latest news relevant to the biker community, and curates the best biker content on the web!

‘Life Of A Rider’ is often referred to as the ultimate checkpoint for the biker community’, it is one of the most prestigious Facebook pages in the biker niche and has hardcore fans who love the page like it’s their own. The sense of acceptance that this media outlet brings to the biker community is unprecedented and the content being posted breaks all records of reach and engagement. It is soon expected to become the #1 biker page on Facebook.

‘In order to create good content, you need to consume good content too. It is all about the way you express yourself – and it must be the best version of you. However, the biggest mistake that many people make is that they make everything about themselves without keeping the taste and preferences of the audience in mind. This is also a critical factor.’

Content needs to be customized for the audience. An 18-year-old female living in Japan will not have the same tastes and preferences as a 32-year-old male living in Sudan. You’ve got to understand your audience. Pranav, who is himself a consumer of a diverse amount of content is perhaps the best person to know this. Having an interest in a variety of different things ranging from K-Pop to videos of american debate societies, he, along with his partners Jagrit Pratap Singh and Arjit Singh ensures that their platforms put out the best relatable content forward.

Pranav being a creator himself has delivered over 1 billion views. He’s also had the opportunity to manage the social properties of A-List Hollywood celebrities. He has successfully managed to grow an audience of over 20 Million followers in just 2 years, and his digital assets help account for over 100 Million views a monthly basis.

His work in the media entertainment field has constantly helped a lot of media figures and new gen creators to reach their goals. He helps them take it to the next level by improving the reach of their pages and pitching the right content at the right time to the right audience. In addition to this, he has also collaborated with top movie & tv show production houses in India and in the US, helping them achieve their social media goals which includes helping provide video views to the movie trailers before the release. Pranav has also helped them to step up their meme game and has managed to create many successful viral campaigns.

Hiptoro, which started off as an entertainment portal ranked among the top-200 websites in the world in just a week of its launch. As a news portal too, it has been fairly successful and has audiences from multiple countries visiting it every day for their daily dose of information. Pranav specializes in video-based marketing as well.

To conclude, at a time where it has become easy for anyone to join the content industry, it becomes essential for creators to consume good content to churn out good content!