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Prachi Desai all set to make her digital debut soon

Prachi Desai in Bollywood Buzzinga

Remember Prachi Desai! Of course the girl from daily soap, Kasam Se and not to forget her epic role in Rock On and Once Upon A Time in Mumbai. Prachi Desai has been winning the audience hearts on television as well as on the big screen. Cute smile, innocent voice and not to forget her dimples, she has been a ruler of hearts.

The big news that coming up for this dimpled beauty is that she is all set to make her digital debut with a guest appearance on India’s biggest Bollywood Quiz show – Bollywood Buzzinga! Streaming in the show, the actress will be seen along with the host of the show, Varun Sharma, in order to add some extra glamour and zest.

Films, songs, dance moves and dialogues – the duo hosts of the show will be seen testing contestants’ knowledge on everything about Bollywood. Prachi has kept a little low since some time but, her glamour wont be low that is for sure with this show. While pondering on questions themselves, the duo will be adding up a lot of humour, excitement mixed with Bollywood knowhow in the show. If you think Bollywood personalities know everything about their industry, find out what’s true!
Touching the sky of energy, entertainment and enthusiasm, catch Varun and Prachi Desai take you on a roller coaster ride with the show.

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