Wednesday, January 19, 2022
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Poonam Pandey Verbally Attacks on Radhe Maa: Catch Video

poonam pandey

One of the only celeb who’s always been sizzling cum rolling on n on in news portals every now n then is again ready for something which was triggered since few days back, whose heat is still feel by the followers even today. Still didn’t get it of whom we are depicting about? Ohhh my, let’s check this. So, those spices are none other than ‘Poonam Pandey’ on one end and ‘Radhe Maa’ on other end, guess these are no now smashing the news portals with a tragedy of battle one on one. Let us remind you the depiction of the other Bollywood celebs on the same, wherein Rishi Kapoor had been rolling at the top of the hit list who are against such iimposter saints like Radhe Maa. But as of now soon after Kapoor’s depiction on the same, there’s another name which has come up on the way. She’s none other than the hot n alluring celeb Poonam Pandey.

Check this out what she depicted on the same, based on the video below she added that ‘I’m totally against her; however there are lots of morphed picture I have seen and anyone can easily guess that the picture is morphed. So, please stop fooling people! Check the entire video is right here…

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