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Pooja Mishra Strikes Sunny Leone: Claims 100 Cr Defamation Case

I guess some of you might be thinking like either the popular celeb cum star ‘Sunny Leone’ is too much pining to the entire globe just with her peaking carrier or Big Boss contestant ‘Pooja Mishra’ is actually crazy to drag anyone, anytime just to drag an attention in between the truly busy audience. Well the fact is, reality is still hidden in front of beloved audience else these reactions would have blasted like anything on‘Pooja’ and it’s not we who thinks about the same but it is none other than ‘Sunny’s’ who’re so crazy that they can’t even think a single negative thing about their actress. Moreover just give us some couple of minutes so as to give you a glance on what exactly the controversy is rolling with, check this out..

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Indeed, if you might have given a bit of glance to the application then it’s nothing but the ‘Pooja’, who has lost her temper on ‘Sunny’ and the fact is her anger actually turned into a shocking cum striking Defamation Case against ‘Leone’. As per the sources – She claims that “Sunny had attributed motives against her in an impugned article in a city newspaper and said her reputation had been damaged in public eye, because of which she had to break her fixed deposits and withdraw her savings, thereby suffering losses to the tune of Rs 70 lakhs.” – As per the sources

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