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PK – A Unique Character Behind The Scenes Revealed

PK 4th poster

Have you ever though off those movies which have made us crazy to watch have some beautiful cum funny behind the scenes as well? I guess surely not, but hold on guys we have something really special that you’ll love to watch and can even make you feel strange about that, featuring the stunning star of B town, the one n only star ‘Aamir Khan in a PK character behind the scenes. Let’s check out the funny scenes and the character one by one.

Under the directions of Rajkumar Hirani and with a beautiful scriptwriter Abhijat Joshi, the most awaited movie ‘Pk’ is ready to touch the screens on 19th December 2014. However if we talk about the character PK then here the directors and writers they were willing to present a unique character in front of the audience which is funny, simple and must be a stranger and they finally picked up Aamir Khan for it. Getting deeper into the scenes about the gesture, then here Aamir was treated as an experiment person, with whom everything was checked and amongst the bulk of experiments, only few of them were selected. In the end, those were rolled out for the movie like green lens, flat hair, popping ears, and last but not the least for the first time the star Aamir will be presented before the audience with less make-up. Yes, you heard this right. It’s Pk who will be seen in a perfect avatar with a less make-up. In addition to this, if we talk about the costumes then, in the entire movie this was the most interesting part. Wherein the entire team of costume designers were sent on the roads to observe the people and their dressing attire and select any of them which suit the interesting character of Pk and on the other hand ask them to give those clothes and in place of that either offer them new clothes or just offer them some money. So, have you ever heard of this thing? Wherein the costumes are selected from the audience? I guess surely not. So, get ready to watch the PK character in an attire which is amongst one of yours.

Watch the strange scenes right here..

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