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Is PK posters losing its gleam ?

The posters for the much-hyped Aamir Khan and Anushka Sharma starrer movie PK have been the talk of the town since these hit the social media. Thanks to the out of box idea of putting a Nude Aamir in it, which really turned out in the favour of the movie PK hitting this Christmas. Whether you love or hate it, but the fact is the very first poster of PK hitting the media create much uproar and overwhelming response. Time and again, the filmmakers of PK were seen embarking with different posters, with Anushka’s fourth poster turning out to be the latest one. However, looking closely, the gleam or the buzz of these PK posters has faded all these days. In a sense, retardation in terms of popularity and the kind of buzz you had for the first poster seems to be experienced with other posters coming in the media. In other words, the buzz or popularity for PK posters seems to be dying down from first to the fourth one.

The PK posters over the popularity meter

Remember the much hype and heat surrounding the first poster of PK, similar action and gleam is missing as and when the other posters for the movie started embarking over the social media. Comparing the popularity meters of the very first poster to the fourth ones differ a lot. You can find a slop witnessing in the fourth poster, which was not the case earlier. If you simply recall the buzz around the first poster of Aamir Khan with the transistor, it even had a national uproar regarding the way Aamir was seen in it. Then came the second poster in which we saw Aamir in a Band Baja guy pose carrying the French horn with people waiting over the tenterhooks, however, it still managed to live par to the expectations of the people. Then came the third poster wherein even Sanjay Dutt was with Aamir in the same pose unlike that of Mr. Perfectionist. Despite the presence of Sanjay Dutt who is seen after a long gap, the fervour and excitement for the poster did not seem that great unlike felt and seen in the first poster.

Fourth poster at the helm of the disaster

The biggest blot came in the form of fourth poster when we saw Anuhka Sharma is seen in the same attire, which Aamir appeared in one of the earlier posters of PK. The poster simply failed to create the buzz and furore, which was expected by the fourth poster. Despite the fact, Anushka Sharma claiming to be seen over the WhatsApp, the poster was discovered in some other medium. Although the fourth set of posters, both Aamir and Anushka were seen in different avatar, but the kind of buzz it was expected to create was no more noticed in it. Though the uniqueness seen in these posters were liked by the critics and fans of Aamir, however, the kind of buzz was expected seemed very much low.

The reason behind the dying down buzz

Posters creating buzz has limited timeframe and scope in perspective of understanding the plot the movie PK has. The fact of the matter is just releasing some posters when the audience is very much inquisitive about knowing more about the character and the plot of the movie. The people or the audience at this stage is more interested to check the trailer of the movie, which is still to be out in the media. Merely releasing posters cannot compel the audience and critics to guess about the story and the plot that goes behind the movie. This is the basic reason why the fervour and spirit of the people has simply died down with the fourth poster. At this stage, people simply want more, which can come in the form a teaser or trailer is the perfect answer to continue the buzz until the film release. Perhaps these posters can harm the buzz and fuss the PK movie has created among the audience. But don’t worry, the trailer is all set to hit next week with Happy New Year releasing the same day.

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