Piyush Bhati Talks About His Singing Career And Starting His Own YouTube Channel

Music is something which helps to boost your stress and there is an ample number of songs to listen to, depending on your mood. India has got many popular singers, but there is someone who is silently making his name on social media. Piyush Bhati is a singer and singing has been his passion since a very early age. He has been very much connected to music and the talented singer believes that it is through songs that he can express himself in the best possible way.

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Since his school days, the kid entertained everyone with his songs. Right from singing at various functions to participating and winning in several singing competitions, he decided to make his passion into his full-time profession. While talking about it, he said, As a child, I was not a studious boy. The extracurricular activities always drove my attention and singing was the one. Music had been my favourite activity at school. I strongly feel that I connect my soul to music and entertaining people is something I always wanted to do.” Moreover, he expressed his gratitude towards his family and friends for constantly supporting him to follow his passion.

When asked about his future plans, he said that he is planning to start his own YouTube channel where he will be crooning to the covers of all the popular songs. When asked about his inspiration, Piyush said that he has been a huge fan of A.R Rehman and his music. Like him, this young man wishes to take his songs to travel across the border. With having such huge dreams, we hope Piyush Bhati achieves the greatest and reaches to the new heights.

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