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Pinch: Arbaaz Khan reveals it was a conscious decision of not inviting Salman Khan for first season

Actor Arbaaz Khan is returning with the second season of his chat show Pinch’ and he reveals that he intentionally didn’t invite his brother Salman Khan for the first Season. Along with the creator Sumit Dutt, Arbaaz Khan launched the first episode featuring Salman Khan in Mumbai and hosted a press-meet.

When asked about not inviting Salman Khan for the first season, Arbaaz Khan said, “It was a conscious decision, to a certain extend. Reason being, I was hosting for the first time, it was a new kind of avenue for me, I wanted to do something by myself, I didn’t wanted people to think that the show is started because of Salman Khan and people are coming to the show because of him”

“I wanted to do the show on find success on my own and hopefully, Salman would want to be part of the season without me asking, and above all, we wanted to have an ace to lead the second season”

He further expressed that show might dwell into certain spicy areas with steamy question, He said, “The show was little difficult, because of the format and we had to convince the star about asking them certain questions which weren’t palatable, and these questions were not meant to embarrass the celebrity or create controversies”

“If you look at the first season, we have asked some tough questions, but there wasn’t any controversy and we are quite mindful and conscious of that. Even recently I was asked that the second season is coming out, but you like to have some controversy around it, and I said no. I really don’t want controversies to be a big
contributor for the success of the season 2 or the reason why the second season is discussed, I don’t want controversies and hopefully, my show is good enough that people will like it as it is” he concluded.

The show will feature celebrities opening up about trolls, the cyber-bullying they face, and their coping mechanisms and will premiere on July 21.

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