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Phullu Producer Takes PadMan makers to Task for making False Claims

PadMan vs Phullu

As the film PadMan is making news for getting released in February 2018, we hear from the makers that it is among the first film that talks about mensuration hygiene. However, looking the being promoted this way, the director of the film Phullu called Abhishek Saxena has triggered with another set of controversy. As per the filmmaker, his film Phullu is among the first movie that deals with the subject of menstrual hygiene and not PadMan who is seen dealing with similar subject. He was tweeting about the film stating that the makers of PadMan have been claiming that their film in B Town is the first movie in Bollywood to talk about the issue or mensuration.

Akshay Kumar starring Padman was supposed to release this Republic Day but when Sanjay Leela Bhansali requested to push the dates of its release, the makers honored his request to do so and thus the clash of the film was avoided. The film talking about the film Phullu, the makers of this film also chose similar subject, which made them claim that the PadMan gets the serious allegations to put. The film is made on a controlled budget, while the makers of the film Padman are seen coming with some extremely creative ideas when it comes to promotions. Apart from the film claiming to deal with this subject the first in the Hindi Cinema, the producer Twinkle Khanna was seen getting invited to the Oxford Union to talk about the movie.

In a recent interview, he said that the film Phullu was registered in the year 2015, which was not the case with the Padman. The director then said that Akshay Kumar is simply alleging that the makers of PadMan have been making wrong claims when he see Akshay Kumar visiting the villages and talking openly about his movie and saying all these claims.  He then said that the way the PadMan is being promoted was only due to the high star power of the film which was not allowed with his film Phullu for obvious reason. In a sense he seems to be facing a bit partiality.

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