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Phullu movie review : Catch menstruation lesions from Sharib Hashmi

Phullu movie review

Movie – Phullu
Star castSharib Hashmi, Jyoti Sethi and Nutan Surya
Director – Abhishek Saxena
Genre – Comedy, drama
Run Time – 1 Hour 36 Minutes
Rating – 2.0
Plot :
Phullu played by Sharib Ali Hashmi is a jobless youth who lives with his mom played by Nutan Surya and a younger sister. He is jobless but has found his mission to educate to and empower women about better sanitary solutions. He is often seen going to the city for buying stuff for his village women. Soon her mother makes him married married to Bigni played by Jyoti Sethi in hopes to become responsible but he is seen romancing his wife. Once when he visits the city he learns about sanitary pads and he finds useful for village woman who often use waste clothes to stop the flow during periods. He then buys a number of pads with the money he had save for her sister’s jewelry, which his family doesn’t like. So, what happens next is interesting to catch.
Review :
The film comes with a hard hitting message, which needs to reach all the nook and corner of the country particularly the villages. We still have many places where menstruation is a sin and women are not allowed to enter kitchen and other places during their periods and still face embarrassment getting those napkins. Besides the sanitary issues, the movie also addresses a number other problems which Indian woman are seen facing too often. Hence in a way the film has touched the right cord. Though the film comes with a tangible message, it falters at many places like it suffers waste of time in doing so making the movie long run and boring. Besides, the angle of having a crime journalist was not really needed in this film. Camera work is shaky at times which speaks a lot about unprofessionalism of the filmmaker. Talking about the performances, Sharib in the lead role has done a decent job and seen carrying out the entire film on his shoulder.

Phullu Last Word :
The film is all about giving basic teaching about sanitary issues. Though the film has a tangible message but it has ended up becoming too preachy one, which hampers the entertainment value. At times we get a feeling that we have come to watch a documentary not a commercial film.

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