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Phillauri Box Office Prediction

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Phillauri Box office prediction

If we talk about the film Phillauri, it is an upcoming romantic comedy film wherein Anushka Sharma and Diljit Dosanjh are seen in the lead role. It is obvious to see that the prediction of any film is based on buzz and trends of the movie and Phillauri is certainly not an exception. Unlike any other film, this movie too has some criteria to be declared as hit or miss for the box office story. If you already loved the trailer then the film is likely to have a decent buzz for the regular audience then the story at the box office would be average.

Well, the film Phillauri too falls in a better position which seems to enjoy a better kind of buzz in the media. It is modern day story. The trailer was different and excellent. Critics and audience loved it. The music of the film is good but not enough to gain some extra power for the film. Trailer is more important than music. Phillauri Screen count: It will release with two other small budget films. This will get more screens than other because of big star like Anushka Sharma and Diljit Dosanjh. It will release on 1800+ Screen in India.

Also, the film is  a low budget movie while Anushka Sharma has produced the same, which again has its edge when it comes to the budget and its recovery. It is a 25cr(20cr budget and 5cr advertisement cost) budget film. The film is likely to collect 5 to 7 crores on first day which will remain similar on Saturday and increase on the first Sunday giving a decent figure of not less than 20 plus crores.

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