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Phantom Movie Trailer Review

Phantom_Trailer Review

After creating, some initial buzz with Phantom posters, Kabir Khan and his team has finally launched the trailer of the film Phantom. It was just a week before when Kabir Khan was seen embarking with his film with Salman Khan called Bajrangi Bhaijwan, which seemed cementing the relationship between India and Pakistan to some extent. However, with Phantom, he is all set to nullify his efforts carried out by BB. Thanks to the bitter pill it has for the Pakistan, which will be really difficult to swallow by the Pak. It has Saif Ali Khan playing the character called Daniyal. He is the guy who hurls out an open challenge to enter in the land of Hariz Saeed to find him and kill him.

Well, don’t you try to sniff the typo in this challenge. However, film doesn’t really take any path of nuance while showcasing the who are the main villains in it. Well, it is all about unmasking the villains who unfortunately are the part of Pak especially the man Hariz Saeed in the film seen some sort of the guy called Hafiz Saeed (chief of Jamaat Ud Dawah). Yes, you guessed it right, the same man who has been the prime accuse of 26/11. As we see, India has been keen to bring him back to India to give justice to hundreds of life affected on the fatal day of 26/11.

More often, we find Bollywood starts when reality ends, hence we have the tagline – wish this story is reality. Kabir Khan has been vociferous and daredevil in producing such movies and now Phantom is no exception when Saif Ali Khan as an Indian agent plans to bring Saeed back. This perhaps remind the film the Akshay Kumar film Baby, however, it was much different and made with utter perfection. Akshay seems to have done justice while doing the film. Saif on the contrary may be lagging behind in this perspective.

Now talking about the trailer, it seems to be a typical masala thrillers, which is fill with loads of action, noise and jingoism. The only element, which can please you is dialogue, which Saif Ali Khan makes while hurling the challenge that he will repeat the history of America who killed Osama in Pakistan and similarly, he will take away that man responsible for 26/11 from the same land.

Rating – 3.0

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