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Phantom Banned by Pakistan Judiciary – Soon After Terrorist Hafiz Saeed Protests

Phantom movie banned in pakistan

Phantom, a movie that flashes some painful memories of those Indian who have been the terrific victim of those three disastrous days in Mumbai 2008, the days which we as an Indian can never forget and especially the Mumbains who have seen the horrible cum cruel terrorist right in front of them. Featuring some of the known cum dashing personalities of Bollywood like Saif Ali Khan, the alluring Katrina Kaif, June Smith, Joelle Koissi and last but not the least John W.G. Harley as one of the leading stars. Phantom which will be in the air later this month i.e. on 28th August 2015 have been strike by the Pakistan Government, the strike took to the level of Ban on the movie. Isn’t something really shocking? Of course it is and I’m pretty sure you’ll might be thinking what’s the reason behind it isn’t? Have a look here..

Moving along with the sources then it is said that “The government has been told that the film should not be presented for showing in Pakistan and to take necessary steps in this regard,” – A statement added by a lawyer AK Dogar. – As per the sources. Not only this further it was said something really pinning to the heart, have a look here Phantom was calling for an attack on Hafiz Saeed, and this was clearly terrorism on the part of India, to release such propaganda.

So we think the high court has given a very good decision on this.” – As per the sources. Moreover keeping these banned controversies apart we as a painful victim of Mumbai 2008 terrorist attack will always hope that one day the master minds should be hanged till death!!

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