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People around did not understand what actually Hema Malini means, says Mahika Sharma on Pratyusha case

Hema malini on suicide

Remembering Pratyusha words, Mahika shares, “I remember her words while I was in problem and depressed. She asked me to act like a plant who bends themself to fight with strom and stands again next day in sun. But tree who dont drops their atitude, falls with the strom. She just mean if someone is stronger than you and trying to disturb you any way, if not today very next day he will be punish.”

On asked if she is failure or looser, as per people talking about. Actress replied, “Hema Ma’am ( Hema Malini) is more expriensed and educated then me for sure. And deeply for publicity people around did not understand what actually she means. She just mean society worship the winner not the looser. As in the failure who dies without fighting for their dignity and rights. And the winner is one who keep trust and continues fighting, Thats all. I or anyone will always want no one need to kill themself like pratyusha did and one should fight.”She ends, ” I feel bad for pratyusha and she rest in peace.”

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