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Peeping inside Katrina’s Romance Diary at her 30th Birthday

katrina kaif and ranbir kapoor

This Birthday is very much special for Katrina Kaif as she has her finally found her love in the B Town. If you believe the rumors, she and her boy friend Ranbir would soon be getting their apartment to commence their living relationships together. So, before you hear their wedding bells ringing, it would be a living phase for the two. At such juncture, when Kat is celebrating her special day with her man at Corsica, let’s explore how their Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahaani (Love story) trailed and seen moving ahead:

Their meeting

Call it Jab They Met or their meeting. The sparks were seen igniting when the two were on the sets of the movie called Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahaani by Raj Kumar Santoshi. This is their first movie when the two love birds came together and officially met to have good and long time together. However, this was the time when Katrina was linked to Salman Khan, while Ranbir was seen dating the tall beauty Deepika. But soon, things changed when in 2010 we saw the Rockstar actor quitting Deepika leaving her alone and distressed. Many feel that it was her proximity with the co star Kat, which compelled Ranbir to call off his relationship with Deepika. Similar was the story with Salman when Kat cleanly went out his life without creating any ruckus in the media.

Their Ex Element

As reports started surfacing about Kat and Ranbir quitting their erstwhile partners, their sweltering love story commenced carrying out all the rounds. But the Rockstar actor was never seen talking about his relationship with his Girl Friend, well for obvious reasons (Sallu Baba, who wants his ire in public). In fact, Salman is the man who has been so helpful in launching Rabir, he even went out to promote his debut movie called Saawariya and did a cameo in RK’s first film. However, the reality soon struck Sallu baba when Kat was seen leaving him and joining RK. Thank God, he didn’t react the way he did in the case of Ash. As far as Deepika is concerned, she was really annoyed and heartbroken when this fact was dawned to her. In fact, she was even seen talking about her lost love at Karan Johar’s popular program called KWK.

The Mom’s approval

Though both Kat and Ranbir were seen denying their relationship in public but if you check the insider story, it was Ranbir who was waiting for his mom’s consent on her new choice. As you know RK is mom’s dearest, hence her approval is a must for the Rockstar actor to go ahead in his life. Both her parents have worked together with the leggy lass in Jab Tak Hain Jaan and you could hear stories how the two has taken care of this lady in their strict schedule in London. This didn’t end here, the parents along with the love lady were seen having dinner together in London. As per sources, Ranbir has to say Good Bye to Deepika as his mother didn’t approve the girl, though she has no problems with his son’s new choice – Katrina Kaif.

The Bikini Fiasco

Everything between the two love birds was seen smooth until their secret holiday pictures were busted out over the social media sites. The Kamli babe was seen in bikini splashing water over RK, while soon the two were engrossed playing along the water. Soon, Ranbir were posed question about this controversy, which he managed to handle with care and even proclaiming his relationship with her, yet the Kapoor family seemed miffed about this Bikini fiasco.

Koffee goes corrupt with Karan

With the Bikini Fiasco still continued and seen a bit settling down when Kareen Kapoor was seen proclaiming Kat as her future sister in law. This was an embarrassing moment for Rabir as he was seen sitting beside Bebo on the very same show making things difficult to handle post telecast of this KWK’s episode in the media.

The New Year Drama

The hide and seek still continued between the two about their relationship when everyone wanted to know about the status of their relationships. However, during the New Year Holiday seen in NY, the two were seen having raging debate giving enough reason to the media to cover this cold war. To put some fuel in it, RK’s image with a girl turned out viral at the very same time over the web. This really wrecked havoc and Kat was seen passing a bad phase though, while Ranbir had no answers for the media on this whole New Year Drama.

Coming together again

The post big fight at NY did witness a patch-up between the two, which worked out too sooner than expected. This was the same time when Ranbir was seen announcing his apartment hunt to have a live in relationship with her lifeline. In fact, a picture turned viral when Ranbir was seen checking the home, while Kat is busy having a look over the home’s interiors.

Spending quality time at South Africa

Despite being some rough patches seen in the life of the two, everything seemed settling down when you see the two having a great time together in South Africa. Perhaps you can call this not less than a Honeymoon in South Africa wherein the two were seen shooting for their movies with different filmmakers. If you check the pictures of Kat with Ranbir at Cape Town, she seems to be too ecstatic about her time she had with her boy friend. The two were seen spending some quality time despite the bad roller coaster ride in their relationship.

Coming closer again in the Birthday

As you know both Kat and Ranbir have been busy shooting in Europe for different movies, yet the two managed to come together on Kat’s big day called Birthday. The couple has taken a day’s off for this big day in Corsica. So before they finally return to Bombay, they seem to have a big day today on her Birthday. After all, everything seems to have sorted out and they are treading a smooth path all together.

The Wedding Bells

Though we often hear about their living relationship plan for which they have been hunting an apartment before taking up their formal married life, yet their ultimate goal to be in the life partner role could be heard soon. As per rumors the marriage is planned this year, however, no such confirmation has been given by any of the love birds. As you know how Bollywood celebrities are so flexible in their nature, hence you never know when they can marry. It could be even tomorrow or still can be miles away from this D Day.

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