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Peaking Bollywood – Is It Safe N Secure Specially For Actresses?


Indeed, what we depicted in the title is a bitter truth; despite we are getting in touch with the looming movies eventually. Moreover, if we talk about the recently released movies like Hate Story2, Alone, Dirty politics and many more such movies wherein almost all the actress were in all the leading actress exposed themselves in an avatar that was nothing but a seductive. But just think about this for a while, what lesson’s are we teaching to our youngster’s for this? Of course this is impacting our young generation with a heavy rate, don’t believe this isn’t? Just have a look on this before you may commit to something.

Coming on to the topic directly, an innocent actress was un luckily caught under the arms of some fellow people including an actor, a director, along with two cameramen namely Ritesh and Ashwin. The actress registered an FIR against the accused persons; the accused captured a video in some vulgar scenes insisting that these scenes are the major part of the movie with the name ‘Shed’. However, if we talk about in depth of this then the scene was shot in Khandeshwar Navi Mumbai in November and was subsequently uploaded to YouTube. Police said they arrested three accused and-nail for the producer to act in a film called to Shed.


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