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Pavitra Punia talked about Shehnaaz Gill’s health condition after Sidharth Shukla’s demise!

It’s been a few weeks since actor Sidharth Shukla passed on to the other side. Everyone was stunned and grieved by the actor’s unexpected death. It’s still difficult to comprehend the actor is no longer alive. Sidharth passed away on September 2, and his lady love, actress Shehnaaz Gill, was said to be by his side at the time. Shehnaaz is said to be in a bad mood after the actor’s death and is scarcely communicating with anyone.

Pavitra Punia, who had a close relationship with the late actor, was recently seen at an event where she chatted with the press. Shehnaaz Gill was asked if she had spoken to the actress. Shehnaaz should be given her own space to heal.

Pavitra said, “It is still very difficult to digest the fact that we lost Sidharth. I have not spoken to Shehnaaz because I think she needs to stay in peace. I don’t think she would be in a state to reply to anyone. And to ask her if she is alright, we all know in what state she is. She is not in a good frame right now. I don’t know what video her fans have uploaded online but I’m sure it must have been something encouraging that will give her more strength.”

“I would just pray that Shehnaaz gets back on her feet because I’m sure Sidharth must be watching her from somewhere and wishing that she gets back to normal life as soon as possible. And we are also waiting to see that,” she added.

Many people responded to this video by flooding the comment area with supportive remarks for Shehnaaz and encouraging her to be strong.

On September 3, Sidharth Shukla was cremated in the presence of his family, friends, and Shehnaaz.

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