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Pathaan gets new Diktat from Delhi High Court for OTT Release

As SRK’s most awaited film Pathaan is ready to release, we hear something interesting from the Delhi High Court about its OTT release. The High Court recently ruled in Favour of allowing Shah Rukh Khan’s latest film, “Pathan,” to release on Prime Video in April. The film, which Red Chillies Entertainment produces, was initially set to release in theatres but faced a legal challenge from a distributor who claimed that the film’s release on a streaming platform would cause losses for the theatrical distribution industry.

Pathaan : The High Court Verdict 

The High Court, however, ruled that the film’s release on Prime Video would not cause any harm to the theatrical distribution industry. The court also noted that the COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically impacted the film industry, and streaming platforms have become an essential source of revenue for producers and distributors.

Pathaan Shah Rukh Khan's movie receives cuts from Censor Board

The court also observed that the film’s release on Prime Video would allow a broader audience to watch the movie. With the ongoing pandemic and lockdowns in various regions, many people may not be able to visit theatres to watch the film, and streaming platforms provide a more accessible option.

The court also acknowledged that the film industry has been facing financial difficulties due to the pandemic. Releasing the film on a streaming platform would provide a source of revenue for the producers and distributors.

Shah Rukh Khan, also the film’s co-producer, welcomed the court’s decision. He took to social media to express his gratitude and said that the team has worked hard on the film and is excited for it to reach a wider audience.

The release of “Pathan” on Prime Video in April is a significant development for the Indian film industry, which the COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically impacted. The court’s ruling allows for more flexibility in how films are released and provides an alternative source of revenue for the industry. The ruling has been welcomed by the film’s producers, Shah Rukh Khan and the audience, who will have an opportunity to watch the movie on a streaming platform.

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