Parveen Agarwal of Rajwada Group is a Real Estate King known for his leadership skills

Parveen Agarwal
Parveen Agarwal

Parveen Agarwal needs no introduction when it comes to the City of Joy – Kolkata’s real estate world. He along with his brother Bikash Agarwal is the owner of the real estate development group called Rajwada Group. He is known for his incredible leadership skills that has taken his business to its peak. He has attributed most of the skills from his late father Rajendra Kumar Agarwal who has been the owner of Rajwada Group in Kolkata. He leads his team with his own example and is popular for his go-getter attitude.

He is never shy of facing any challenges and takes it from the front making him a man of a difference. He leads the project and thus is seen personally oversees the progress of construction in multiple project sites day in and day out, which can feel the issues at the grassroot level and thus sort them out instantly. He is known for his astounding attributes of this man that remains in the acument and his ability to collect a wide range of financial issues to recollect the financial figures and thus often is seen taking up with surprise along with the financial team.

For the past eight to ten years, he was able to develop a good land bank for his various expansion programs. Known for his calculating skills, he is able to foresee, which is known to have a massive land bank that can be monetised at any point of time and remains the crisis loom in the coming future including NBFC crisis in the recent times that hampered the funding choices of the developers. He is able to play the game so nicely that he is moving with the blistering pace including the number of foreign sports cars as owner and lately he has been taking care of the operations of a pub cum food club known Encode in a plush location in the city.

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