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Partition : 1947 Movie Review

Partition 1947

Well-made, well-acted and thought provoking film worth watching this weekend

Star castHuma Qureshi, Hugh Bonneville, Gillian Anderson, Manish Dayal, Michael Gambon

Director – Gurinder Chadha

Genre: Biography

Run Time: 1 hour 46 minutes

Rating – 3.5


The film is set up in 1947 when India got the freedom, while the Lord Mountbatten was the new Viceroy of the country, who accompanied with his well-meaning wife known as Lady Edwina Mountbatten and their kind daughter Pamela. Soon he get the broker peace role which he has to play between Nehru the leader of Indian National Congress and Jinnah of Muslim league. Jinnah was hell bent on getting a new country and much to Mahatma Gandhi’s disappointment, the British simply decided that the only solution here was to reduce the growing violence is to divide the country. But the viceroy barely knew the repercussions that went long after the liberation of the two nations. On the other side, we get to see a love story between a Hindu boy and a Muslim girl who also become the victim of the partisan.  The film unleashes some of the most critical issues, which were hard to get to see in this country.


Making a movie based on the partition of the two nations a tricky project to venture as it invoked a number of issues like polarizing sentiments on both the sides. The director seemed to be knowing the predicament and hence was seen choosing to craft things the best. On one hand, he had to showcase a romantic love between a couple belonging to two different communities who later become the victim of the menace called partition. Although the film seemed to jarring at times but the way the perspective is seen switching to the political tensions surrounding the nations seemed working a big way in the favor of the movie, which helps the families to migrate in peace. In a sense, there is much of the spice seen in the film simply to increase the entertainment value of the film. Now whether the film has maligned with the facts or not only the historian would know but the fact is the film seems to be poignant at least when we compare films of similar genre in B Town. The performances of most of the lead roles are par and seems good that has increase with other things. Also, the film has managed to see some decent music, editing and photography, which makes a worthy catch in many ways. The AR Rahman’s incredible background score that has helped the film to get some apt emotions coming during the colonial rule.

Partition: 1947 The Last Word

The film Partition: 1947 which may not be the good partition drama movie, which seems to be well made and well-acted\ movie  apart from being a well thought provoking film, which is a worthy catch this weekend. The film though is based on certain depressing

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