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Pardes Mein Hain Mera Dil is not a remake of the film Pardes, says Arjun Bijlani

Arjun Bijlani

Arjun Bijlani is stealing hearts with his sweet smile and powerful acting in two mega serials at present. He is playing the lead, Ritvik,  in Naagin and now the new show Pardes Mein Hain Mera Dil has presented him with another opportunity. Set in the country of Austria, the story will explore how two individuals played by Arjun Bijlani and Drashti Dhami, keep their values intact despite of being far from their motherland.

In recent interview, Arjun spoke about his character, Raghav and the story of the serial, Pardes Mein Hain Mera Dil. Speaking about the serial, Arjun said it is about two individuals Raghav and Naina who meet each other in Austria under unusual circumstances, befriend each other and probably fall in love. They both are selfless and nice who are destined to meet each other and there develops an unsaid romance between them.

Talking about his character Raghav, Arjun revealed that he is brought up by the Mehra family for whom he works. He has a close bonding with the family members who has brought him up with respect and love. Raghav is a good willing boy with the core Indian values and traditional beliefs.

When asked whether the show is inspired by the Shahrukh Khan starrer hit movie Pardes, Arjun said it is only a rumour as the title obviously draws comparisons. Pardes was a very different film and the story of the serial is very much unlike it. Our characters, situations and the plot everything is very different from the film.

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