Paralyzed Street Dogs will be Back to their feet at Dog Home Foundation- says Kuldeep Khatri & Dhaval Darji

Dog Home Foundation

The newly opened foundation called the Dog Home Foundation has now targeted the street dogs to provide them with a better life and medical treatment. The Founders, Kuldeep and Dhaval Darji believed that every creature that cannot speak is a god gift to humans and must be protected. They also claimed that people sometimes ignore their conditions and do not care for them. Rather they beat them and choose to be cruel to them. This inhumanity act is very brutal. Kuldeep says if you are unable to help them at least don’t spoil their life just for the fun. They do have feelings and with feelings, they also feel the pain.

Keeping the society structure and brutal behavior in mind, the duo Kuldeep and Dhaval came up with the foundation to spread awareness about street dogs. Also, they launched one major machine named a Hydrotherapy machine which cost a whopping amount of Rs. 33 lakhs which can help a paralyzed dog to stand on their feet again and live a normal and good life.

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Taling about it, Kuldeep says, “it’s not money that matters for them, and it’s the Happiness of the little creature that makes a difference”. Moreover, they have kept every single treatment and test free. And they do not even accept any cash donations. The founders proclaimed that if someone really wants to donate and help them, they can provide food and milk at the hotspot. The Dog Home Foundation is also going to open ten hotspots in Jodhpur.

The duo is also working on hoardings and organized 20 hoardings for this particular project to spread awareness and make people understand the need of donation and keeping humanity towards animals as well. The founders are also keeping their eye on each and every activity that is done in the foundation so that every dog can be treated well without any issue. They have also opened air conditioner canals for the facility of these dogs. To meet the emergency and its purpose, the foundation is running 24 hours.

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