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Paltan Movie Review : The story of Triumph of Indian military had a decent portray over the silver screen

Paltan Movie Review

Paltan Movie Review

Director– J.P. Dutta

Producer  – JP Dutta

Studio – Zee Studios and J P Films

Story –   J.P. Dutta

Star cast – Jackie Shroff, Arjun Rampal, Sonu Sood, Gurmeet Choudhary, Harshvardhan Rane, Siddhanth Kapoor and Luv Sinha

Music – Anu Malik

Cinematography –  Shailesh AV Awasthhi Nigam Bomzan

Running time – 154 minutes

Rating – 3.5


Paltan is a drama movie, which is loosely based on the Nathu La and Cho clashes witnessed in the year 1967, which involved Indian and Chinese militaries. The film talks about the untold story, which celebrates the biggest victory redeeming the pride of the nation. So, what was the victory all about, do explore about it in your nearest cinema hall.


At the outset, the film should be appreciated for many things, right from the ensemble star cast to the strong lyrics and okay music by Anu Malik and other things. It is not easy to make films based on history and portraying such clashes that brought the victory for Indian military is also a tough job to accomplish. However, veteran filmmakers like JP Dutta has managed to do the job smoothly, though there are some shortcoming in other aspects of filmmaking but that can be forgone for the better. As far as the content part of the film is concerned, it is undoubtedly the best. Paltan showcases good efforts from the filmmaker and it has much to reveal in the coming times for the audience.

Talking about the performances, one can call it to be decent but having a huge pool of actors in the film with some veterans involved in it; one can expect some decent performances. However, many remained underutilized for obvious reasons. A few also failed to impress with the required performance for the audience, nevertheless the picture seemed okay. The film has too many songs for the reason of being patriotic in nature and has to showcase a particular theme and message. Needless to say that the lyrics from veterans like Javed Akhtar has been good but these failed get a decent music backing. There were some hitches in the technical stuff to some extent.

Paltan – The Last Word

There has been covered a lot in the film as far as Paltan is concerned, thanks to the decent direction and filmmaking skills backed by good performances, JP Dutta was able to portray the message he was looking forward to deliver.

Paltan  Box Office Prediction

The JP Dutta film Paltan is all set to hit the theatres soon this Friday. The film is a historical drama, which is based on the war between the Chinese and Indian military in 1967. It celebrates the biggest war victories of the country and thus given enough opportunities for the filmmaker to consider the event to make a film on it. Though better late than never, the veteran filmmaker took the opportunity to deal with the story and make a film taking up an ensemble star cast in it. The film has several veterans involved in it including the lyrics guru Javed Akhtar who has given some decent songs for the film.

Now, talking about the buzz of the film, it enjoys a decent fuss in the media especially after the release of its trailer. Yet it can be called as a niche film as deals with a war event that might not attract the audience at large. The ratings are good for the film and so is the performance and other things that might attract. However, the first day collection would be low while it has the chance to escalate the collection in the first two days of the 1st weekend. The word of mouth buzz would further help the film in gaining big over the box office.

So, taking care of all the considerations, the film on first day would collect around 5 to 7 crore, while the experts feel that they would witness a decent surge in the coming first weekend. They have opined that the film would create a decent word of mouth buzz, which will escalate the collection on the second day to some extent. This will further add up the collection to around 7-8 crore, while the first Sunday for the film would be important. As per reports, the 1st weekend box office collection would be around 30 crore, which would be a decent amount to consider for the film. So, what do you have to say about the collection of the film called Paltan. Any guesses, do let us know by commenting on the same.

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