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Paid the Price for Love with Pooja Bhatt : Under Custody since 24 Years!!

Before we light up the controversy can I ask you a question? Have you ever heard the statement ‘Love is Blind’ I guess surely you all might have heard this statements but if some of you have not then we have something really magnifying for you all. Check out here..One of the fellows named Abdul Sharif is the one of whom we will talk about. Well there’s no need to give a stress to your mind for his presence as if he’s not known to us but even then his background will surely make you give you a shock.

Well it all initiated with a crazy love of a fan to an actress, indeed that entire drama is about love n affection that dragged him from the other side of Wagah border, he was nothing but a strange in India who entered illegally without any legal documents. Unfortunately was caught by the security forces and was sent behind bars under custody for 2 years but later on he lost his memory and hence forth is struggling in the jail, not only this when the contact persons enquired about the guy none of the foreign countries accepted him, the only thing which he still remember is nothing but his father name Ghulam Mohammad and other one is Pooja Bhatts name, this is nothing but a painful price of love.

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