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Padmavat The New Name by Censor Board Creates the new buzz in Twitter

Padmavat The New Name by Censor Board Creates the new buzz in Twitter
Padmavat The New Name by Censor Board Creates the new buzz in Twitter

After a much buzz and controversies, the film Padmavati has been cleared by the CBFC getting the U/A Certificate. With the new changes, one can find 26 cuts in the film with title being changes to Padmavat. The film has remained at the center of controversies ever since the shooting all started giving issues in the media. We heard the director has been manhandled by the fanatic groups and his sets were vandalized by the crooks. Also, there were people were seen igniting the effigies of the filmmaker along with groups announcing the reward amounts for cutting the nose of the lady in the lead role to killing the man making this film.

Amidst all these controversies and the fanatic statements being posed by the people, the ruling party remained mute and supported in a way to the fanatic group agitating against the film in some way or the other. Many tried to play politics in the name of the film, while historians suggested that the film is based on a fictional story that came into limelight of a poem called Padmavat. Ironically, the groups who claimed to honor the lady remained fictional and on the other side, they are yet to watch the film and still seen creating ruckus over the roads and seen damaging the public properties. Well, amidst the new changes suggested by the Censor Board, we heard the new name getting trolled over the social media. Time to check how the microblogging site have reacted in the following ways:

Padmavat The New Name by Censor Board
Padmavat The New Name by Censor Board

Jokers by Suhel Seth : The ad man called Suhel Seth called the CBFC people as bunch of jokers calling it a win of the House of Mewar.

Ridiculous : The Karni Sena is missing when the name is being changed of their worshiped deity called Rani Padvati calling to be a ridiculous thing by the censor board.

One word for the Censor Board : One trolled called the Censor Board as Chu***ya for bowing down before the goons.

What the Hell : When someone at the Twitter called the Censor Board as the judge and above history professors when they do not know even the H of History.

More Rewards for the Nose and Head : One trolled is expecting a hike in reward amounts for the head and nose.

Wrapping Up

The list goes on for the number of tweets being carried out over the film and the name of the movie along with other details. So, what do you have to say about it, do let us know by commenting the same.

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