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Padmaavat: Will the Movie Make Big at the Box Office after so many controversies

padmavatThe film Padmavat is all set to hit the theatres tomorrow. With barely a day remaining for its release, the big question to pose, will it make big over the box office, that the big question we are asking. Well, as we know the film is still the object of hate by the fringe groups which have been agitating since the film was announced. This has garnered a good buzz in the media for the film, and the makers had to barely worry about promoting it as one can see its hype all around. Let’s analyze, how the film would perform at the box office.

Big Time Hype

Needless to say that the film has a huge amount of hype in the media. Hence the trade pundits are expecting a huge surge of the film in the coming few days of its release. In fact, the controversies will prove a blessing in disguise for the makers. Though the agitation is still in progress with the fringe group still demanding a ban on the film for their allegation of distorting the history, yet the film is expected to do a big business over the box office.  The hype has gone to such an extent that the makers do not need any film promotion.

Padmavat The revolt still goes on
Padmavat The revolt still goes on

Huge Collection

The film will make history of having a huge collection for 2018. The apt time to release and with PadMan being averted for two weeks, the film has no reason to look down. The controversies surrounding the film will not be going to damage the movie in any case once it hits the screen. Except for the fringe group who have been agitating since the day has handful of people who will not catch the movie otherwise, all the Bollywood fans have no got the reason to catch the movie. The experts are expecting a collection of around 12-15 crore on the first day, while on the Republic Day, the film will undoubtedly is expected to collect around INR 30 crores. Similar figures are expected in the next two days – Saturday and Sunday making the film to enter into the 100 crore club on its first weekend only.

Padmavat Collection
Padmavat Collection

Wrapping Up

The controversies instead of maligning and damaging the film Padmavat has ended up paving ways for the film. Had the fringe group had remained silent then one may not have expected to see such a hype that will help the movie create history.

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