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Out of the mouth of death, Gehana Vasisth revealed – hospitalized due to this mistake

Actress Gehna Vasishth

TV actress Gehana Vasisth has recently returned to work after coming out of her death. Gehana’s condition was so critical that she was kept on ventilator for 48 hours. Now the actress has revealed that she had such a condition due to a mistake.

Gehana Vashist has been struggling with diabetes for the past several years. In an interview, she said – I am diabetic. I have been taking insulin for the last 11 years. One day I did not carry insulin with me because there was no fridge on the set. It is necessary to keep the insulin in the fridge.

Gehana – When I reached the set, I came to know that there was no food. You need food after a shot of insulin. My sugar level was down significantly. My mistake was that I did not eat anything after the insulin shot. I fainted on the set.

Gehana said that no one on the set knew that she was diabetic. Gehana says- Nobody knew. If someone had fed me a chocolate, I would have been fine. I was in a coma for 48 hours. My family later found out.

Gehana told that now she does not take insulin whenever she is on outdoor shooting. No matter how much I do not get that complete facility on the shoot. This is a big risk, which I don’t want to take.

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