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One Night Stand – Movie Trailer Review

One Night Stand - trailer review

Recently the much hypes film One Night Stand starring Sunny Leone has embarked over the digital media. So, what can you expect from such films, well as the name suggest, the film would be something linked to a hot and sensual stuff and don’t forget it is a Sunny Leone in it so one cannot expect it to be a homely film. In the past few weeks, people have been noticing the privy to a teaser of the movie along with a couple of songs hitting the digital media. In the past few weeks, we have got the privy to the teaser, which has been the most sensual one in the media. Tanuj Virwani play a main lead of the film who gets besotted by the character called Selina who is a free-spiritted girl played by Sunny Leone who is seen hooking for the one night stand. And the following day the two are seen moving on different paths the guy returns to his married life, however, Selina remembers her night with the man.

For Gaurav it is not more than one night stand, hence you can find a passionate night screwing up the life of everyone. This is what we can make out from the trailer released of late. Sunny Leone is seen getting mouth a few lines regarding the double standards about men. But talking about their performances both of them are seen lacking the conviction from whatever once has seen over the trailer. Yes there are several sensuously shot scenes that of course is why everyone seems to be excited regarding the film, hence so we will not find any earth shattering or a award winning performance from the two.

The fact of the matter is the trailer of the film One Night Stand has  nothing much to unveil rather a passionate night, which for one person is a one night affair while for the other it is a sign of commitment and this is where the problems start. For the fans of Sunny Leone you have another flick to catch that can arouse your senses but in terms of story and content there isn’t much to explore except the oomps factors in the film after all you have Sunny Leone who specializes in these things.

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