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One Night Stand First Day Box Office Collection : Sunny Leone Hiking on Box Office

Jeetu Likhar



One Night Stand

One Night Stand First Day Box Office Collection

For the lovers, for the waiters and indeed for the loving fans of the hottest gorgeous celeb of Bollywood Sunny Leone, a one n only star who’s in a state that can even turn around the peaking response of any movie in the box office, if any of her moving is sizzling around the globe. Yes you’re absolutely right she has once again come up to explore her magnifying cum sexy looks that can make anyone fall in love with her, but can you guess where? Indeed in her looming movie One Night Stand. A movie which is purely under the directions of Jasmine D’Souza has finally touched the floors pre afternoon on theatres. So what else then? I guess you might be waiting for the collection i.e. how much the movie has grabbed within a day don’t you?

Easy guys n gals we are under process of that only, well before we move on to the figures give us a while to give you a glance about the  movie. Initiating with the casting roles, here the movie stars some really awesome celebs like Sunny Leone, Tanuj Virwani, Narendra Jetley, Khalid Siddqui and of course last but not the least Nyra Banerjee as one of the leading stars in the movie. Thus the only thing which is grabbing the audience towards the movie is nothing but the performance by the leading stars like Sunny, Tanuj and Narendra Jetley who had given the movie a stunning hike. On the other hand if we talk about of notching of green notes then no doubt the movie has acquainted the audience with its essence and thus that reflected the first day collection of movie with 3-4Crores on its initial day.

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