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One Last Question Theatrical Trailer

One Last Question movie

A looming movie “One Last Question” trailer is liberated now. The movie is based on the true facts and story in the late 1998 when there was an eagerness amongst the people in order to separate Assam from entire India. The movie features with “Adil Hussain” of “English Vinglish fame” along with 4 teenagers who are willing to join “Liberation Front” with a primary motto in mind that we have to separate “Assam”.

Though the movie is based on the true facts and story, the entire trailer depicts the same, the most stunning part of the movie starts with a persecution of harsh people on a helpless innocent girl so as to kill her without any reason by sloganeering that “Kill her! Kill her! She’s a witch!“ Really gives a catchy look to the movie. Although if we talk about an entire movie then there nothing so much to see in it but on the other hand the efforts, action and willingness of the 4 teenager in order to separate “Assam” creates its own mystery that would surely drag the viewers in masses.

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