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On the sets of Hunarbaaz, Karan Johar plays matchmaker for Parineeti Chopra, watch the video here:

Parineeti Chopra’s single existence appears to be bothering filmmaker Karan Johar so much that, as usual, he has stepped in to play the role of bringing two hearts together. Karan Johar assures Parineeti Chopra in a commercial for his forthcoming programme Hunarbaaz that he will fix her up with someone very soon. “When it comes to relationships, I am quite fortunate.” In the video, Karan is heard saying, “I have successfully done matchmaking.”

When Parineeti asked why Karan hadn’t set her up earlier, the director said that she was next on his list. He answered, “Tumhara bhi issi saal hojayega pakka.” This isn’t the first time Karan has been ecstatic to pair someone with one of his Bollywood favourites. He’s been known to do some matchmaking on occasion.

Bharti Singh, the show’s host, seized the chance and queried Parineeti about one of the participants. When Parineeti was asked, she seemed uncomfortable. The leg-pulling and playful poking didn’t end there, though. When one of the contestants impressed Karan Johar, he even received approval from the director. Later, as the candidate communicated his sentiments to Parineeti in order to ‘create’ a relationship with the actor, the scenario devolved into a light but awkward debate. Karan is overheard advising the contender, “Yeh toh kab se wait kar rahi hai connection establish karne ka” (She has been waiting a long time to connect with someone).

The participant said his name was Rakesh Roshan, prompting Karan to mock Parineeti even more. He’s even heard referring to her as Mrs. Roshan. “Rishta pakka samjhe?” Karan asked Parineeti. (Should I consider that a match? ), the actor screams, “Nahi!” in response. Karan, Bharti, and everyone else on set are in splits at the end of the video, as a terrified Parineeti does everything she can to evade the marriage question.

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