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On the occasion of Eid, Salman Khan treats his fans with Bigg Boss OTT promo

On the occasion of Eid, Salman Khan surprised fans with a preview of the next “Bigg Boss OTT.” The actor thinks it’s fantastic that the programme will have a digital first this season with “Bigg Boss OTT,” which will premiere six weeks before it airs on television. Salman is shown in the trailer beaming as he says and tells the audience to get ready for the forthcoming season.

The premiere of Bigg Boss OTT was just announced by Voot, and the first six weeks of the show will be available to fans 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Since the announcement, fans have been curious as to whether or not Salman will host the show. Although the new teaser does not indicate the new host, Salman will no longer be anchoring the show on Voot. He confirms that Bigg Boss 15 would be broadcast on television.

Salman Khan is seen in the trailer having a good laugh as he vows and tells the viewers to be ready for Bigg Boss’ wildest and most shocking season yet. “Iss baar ka Bigg Boss hai itna crazy, itna over-the-top, ki TV pe ban ho jayega,” he says, adding that he will see his followers on Bigg Boss 15, which will air on TV.

Speaking about Bigg Boss OTT, Salman Khan said, “It’s great that this season of Bigg Boss will have a digital-first with Bigg Boss OTT, six weeks ahead of television. The platform will see unparalleled interactivity where the audience will not only get entertained but also participate, engage, give tasks and more. It’s truly for the people and by the people. My advice to all contestants is to be active, entertaining and conduct themselves well in the BB house.”

Bigg Boss is going digital this year. There will be a lineup of some of the most notable names, well-known personalities, and entertainment industry influencers. There will be a lot of drama, dramatisation, and emotions in this film. This time, the audience will be able to choose the contestants, as well as their stay, tasks, and exit from the show.

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