‘On The Nephs’ Album by Miss Money Shatters Global Records

Miss Money

Miss Money, one of the most talented rappers, proved that inspite of a tough neighborhood, you can have a successful and fulfilling life. She continues to rise to the top in music; be it stateside or overseas. She also spends time doing community services and has recently collaborated with AliveShoes to launch her upcoming footwear line ‘Rich Kickz.’

Born Kimberley Ward and raised in the historically poverty-stricken neighborhood or the ‘hood’ of Pittsburgh called the Hill District, her music today is breaking global records and streaming across television channels all over the world. “It really is a dream come true considering where I grew up,” she says. “After so much heartache and sadness, things have really come around for me and my brand, Rich Chickz. I am humbled, as well as honored to be part of the rap world and so thrilled my fans continue to support me. I’m known from South Africa to the United States; it’s wild.”


She was discovered back in July 2011 by A&R’s Ferrer Fabienne and signed on by the record label in Paris called Madison Music (Sony). The label also represents famous celebrity artists such as Big Ali, with whom she has featured in various recordings. And, this was only the beginning.
She has been making ‘neighborhood lingo’ familiar to the world, gaining tour dates and positive notoriety as she goes. Her music and record-breaking single, ‘On The Nephs’ has taken the music world by storm after its release. Other hits to her credit include MrsParker, Trappin’ and Hustle. She’s now working on her new release, ‘Pull Up’ with Boosie Badazz, which is scheduled to come out by the end of late summer.


Miss Money said her inspiration comes from her life experience of being raised in group homes, foster cares, and detention centers.
“I love to help people reach for higher goals and find their true calling in life just like I did, after many mishaps,” she said. “I know when I visit detention centers, people relate to me because they know that I have been there too.”

However, those days of tangling with the law are gone. Instead, they have been replaced with days of racking up awards. Like in 2009 when she became a Bragging Rights award winner, and in 2014, when she was awarded the Hitlist Winner and Band of the Month by Music Scene Investigation. She followed it up with her 2016 win at The Akademia Music Awards for the Best Song for her track ‘Fell in Love.’ She can often be seen on BET TV and MTV rapping like nobody else.
Miss Money has shown the world anyone can accomplish their dreams with the right attitude, talent, and zest for life.

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