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OMG: Sonu Nigam Quits Twitter after Abhijeet Bhattacharya’s account suspension

Sonu Nigam wallpaper

Sonu Nigam is back in news, this time not for his religious comments but leaving the microbloggign site – Twitter. Interestingly, he remains the hot topic of discussion and among the trends on Twitter. In a series of 24 tweets, he went on to announce that he is quitting Twitter and it’s time for the media to take screenshots as his account wouldn’t be available after some time. This rant on Twitter came after Abhijeet Bhattacharya’s account was suspended.

As we all know, by now, that Twitter is a social media platform where you will be judged no matter what. It has, well, become a trend these days that whenever a celeb put out his opinions or views on a topic – he or she will be bashed mercilessly, you can say left right and centre. Sonu Nigam was seen getting himself into a pool of controversies after he objected to the loud Azaan’s noise which wakes him up in the morning. Before quitting Twitter talked about how actor Paresh Rawal and singer Abhijeet Bhattacharya are being criticised on social media for sharing their controversial views.

In his long justification of leaving Twitter, he has written to his fans about the reasons of leaving the microblogging site. He called all the humanist, people with logic and sensible person to leave Twitter slamming the social media site for not allowing people to express their views. Interestingly, the singer and actor who seems to be away from any major project in B Town is seen doing things that have given him much space in the media.

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