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OMG : Shekhar Suman asks Kangana Ranaut to Shut her Mouth

shekhar suman to kangana

It all started with popular Talk Show – Koffee with Karan when Bollywood director Karan Johar was the latest to turn against actor Kangana Ranaut, but he is definitely not the only one. Shekhar Suman, who has time and again voiced his hatred for Kangana, who is also the ex-girlfriend of his son Adhyayen, has some really harsh words to say to her after her fallout with Karan. Speaking to the media recently, Shekhar said Kangana should have the courage to come forward and accept her failure. “She should just keep her mouth shut, and let her work speak for herself.

He further said, If you are a failure then you should have a dignity to come forward and say I have failed miserably. You don’t always have to shout on the rooftop and say what you have done. The best thing is to just be and keep your mouth shut. He went on to invoke the ‘playing the victim card’ point raised by Karan recently. “I don’t like these weeping women and women who cry to everyone claiming that they were victimized, traumatized, agonized and all that.

Otherwise when you are talking about equality, everybody is in the same line. But some women save their cards conveniently. You become a woman and a man according to your convenience. You say that you are the hero of the film and not the heroine. It is quite irritating to see these blubbering women who get all the support in the world from the internet. This is manufactured and fake feminism and beyond a point it is irritating. These women talk about their achievements and struggles, what the hell everyone is an achiever here.

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