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OMG! Is Salman Khan to quit Bigg Boss?




We all know how the current season of Bigg Boss 10 is making news for all wrong reasons. Thanks to the nuisance being created by the participants every now and then and the things they do to entertain the audience the best. We get to see how the makers have played things against Salman Khan’s wish in order to ignite the fire of the show to the highest level to keep things movie in the favor of the show and its ratings.

Amidst all the host of the show which happens to be the superstar of Bollywood- Salman Khan is unnerved and unhappy for the number of things that kept on going inside the show. He has been with the show since past seven years and out of ten he has hosted that number of shows with great zeal and enthusiasm.  But with all his commitment for the show, we get to hear some of the heart breaking news for all the fans of the Bigg Boss 10 show.

As per the latest buzz and reports, Salman Khan is keen to quit the reality show once he completes the Bigg Boss 10 season. Yes you heard it right, the actor is likely to quit the show. Though he has kept this reality show very close to his heart, however, the same sources suggest that this show has damaged his image. The superstar feels that much of his image has been hampered with this show and this is the key reason to quit the reality show. All though he has to formally announce the same but if you check the latest buzz, it has simply hampered his image and so he is likely to take the decision. Perhaps you have a new face in the name of host that is going to be seen in Bigg Boss 11.

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