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OMG: Ranveer & Deepika OPENLY Flirt Amidst their Breakup Rumours

Ranveer singh and Deepika Padukone

Just when we hear stories about the B Town love birds Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone officially parting ways, but we see something really make everyone feel that they are still together. Well, the fact is they now have done it again. Just a few days ago we get to hear a lot though some strong and genuine reports of both the actors being breaking away but the in reality the case is just the opposite. There were reports that suggested that this man left her lady for another woman. But now if you check their latest PDA reports appearing on social media just say the otherwise. Well you may not believe this but you can find many things that suggest for the same.

As per reports, Ranveer Singh was seen sharing his picture on Instagram where he simply appeared damn hot to which Deepika Padukone couldn’t resist commenting on  the same and she wrote, ” Well… Hello! “attaching the same message with a heart emoticon. And that’s not all as we saw Ranveer going a step ahead to reply her comment in her own a typical Joey style, ” how YOU doin”, and with a love struck emoticon. Well, this clearly indicate that all seems to be well between the two and they are indeed enjoying their breakup media reports.

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If you remember we got a theory reported on a leading portal stating that their breakup rumours could be due to their upcoming film Padmavati. As both the actors are busy with their upcoming movie the makers of the film Sanjay Leela Bhansali has asked them not to make any public appearances. Since then we barely see them together that has led to the stories of being parted away in the media are seen. The last time the duo was seen together was on her birthday which was held on July 6 where RS was seen taking her for long drive in his brand new car.

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