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OMG: Ram Gopal Varma is booked for Obscenity for his film God, Sex and Truth 

RGV’s God, nooky and Truth

We know Ram Gopal Varma a man of controversies, some he tweets offensive sometime he has some tough views on the Hindu Gods And this time, he is the news for his film that has obscenity, His controversial movie called God, nooky and Truth that has the American porn star Mia Malkova in the lead role has been making headlines for all wrong reasons. Hence when the film was just about to release the Hyderabad police booked the filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma for charges of obscenity over the complaint by a social activist. A case against the filmmaker has been registered under the section 67 of IT Act 2000 for publishing or transmitting obscene content in digital format.

The complaint was filed by the activist known as Devi and others, while the Central Crime Station (CCS) had registered a case against the filmmaker. A police officer talking on the issue said that the complainant cited some of the photographs, which were allegedly posted by Ram Gopal Varma on the social media. One of these photographs has been very much  obscene. Ram Gopal Varma was also booked under the sections 506 and 509 of the IPC for allegedly making some personal comments against the lady hence he has been charged with the insulting of the modesty of woman.
Later the Police also said that they are planning to some legal opinion and carry out the investigations before the case is put for further action. Meanwhile we can also see some women based groups too protesting against the same in different cities in Southern part of the country and they demand the ban on the release of the movie, which will be released on the web along with the immediate arrest of the filmmaker. The activists from the All India Democratic Women’s Association (AIDWA) and other groups raised their objections against Ram Gopal Varma and his film.
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