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OMG: Rakesh Roshan warns to quit filmmaking for getting lesser screen counts

The Kaabil Director Rakesh Roshan is really upset with the exhibitors. His film Kaabil has released in the theatres and is clashing with Shah Rukh Khan’s Raees. Initially, the exhibitors had promised a 50-50 screen count for both the films. But the producer was in for a shock when today morning he saw that the ratio changed to 60-40, with Raees getting the higher share.

 Rakesh Roshan was upset about the unfair screen count. When asked about it and he says, “I was in a shock when I opened the newspapers today and saw the listings of the theatres. I tried my best to tell all the exhibitors that you have to set the trend for not clashing films and to set the trend, they have to go 50-50, because it is not good for the producers, distributors, exhibitors and the audience. They don’t have so much money to spend in a week to watch two films. We are depriving everybody and the ball is in your court.

You all have to take a stand and prove to the industry that we will not stand against any unbias. But after giving me assurances, they have done this under what pressure, I don’t know. If they can come under pressure, then our industry will never move forward. It will come backwards.” An upset Roshan continues, “I always make films where I took the industry forward in a good way. I am pushing the audience with the same thought through my films. Everybody is capable of doing things in life and you should never lose. And I had thought the corporate bodies will take the industry ahead. But that is not the case.

I am very hurt and if this is what they are going to do henceforth also, then I will quit the industry. I don’t want to make films if this is the way they are behaving. If they change then I will change my mind otherwise I won’t. I am not talking after my film is a success or a failure. I am just putting it straight that this should not happen. If you want to progress then.

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