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OMG: Priyanka Chopra is getting trolled for her lip augmentation

Priyanka Chopra is certainly the global icon now thanks to her overseas ventures like Quantico and Hollywood film Baywatch she seems to be doing wonders. Well, we also know her to be very much active on social media and is seen sharing one thing or the other on the Instagram site. This time she has shared her latest picture which talks about her lip augmentation. As she shared the picture of the photos sharing social media site, it went viral.

The fact is it is getting trolled for the reason why she went for a surgery. She shared the picture with dark glasses along with red lip stick over her augmented lips, which invited the troll from the people becoming the new debate over the social media for her lip augmentation procedure. This is not new earlier she went for her nose surgery, which was also trolled over the social media.

The B Town celebs have been the part and parcel for such trolls for the reason that they have gone for the different surgeries meant for cosmetic reasons. In fact, PC have been trolled twice earlier before she was caught with the new one. In fact, Priyanka has been trolled for a number of other reasons be it showcasing her magazine cover page getting the racist remarks to some other hot pictures shot for her TV show in the US. Do comment on this story and let us know how did you find her new lips after the surgery. And if you are yet to catch her in her new lips, have a look as under:

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